Mr. Zenker

Mr. Joerg Zenker
Collier High School 
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Mr. Joerg Zenker

Pack your bags! 

We’re going to travel to many different places to learn about people and events throughout history that impacted our world.  Social Studies look at the many aspects of human society and can be used to answer questions such as:

Why is there war, why is there peace?

Why are some people rich and other people poor?

Why are some countries strong and others weak?

How do other cultures do things and how do they view us?

How does the world affect me?

How can I influence the world around me?

Through a better understanding of Social Studies we become better equipped to deal with the changes that will happen in our lives. I’m looking forward to exploring with you, asking questions and finding answers.

-Mr. Zenker


  • Caramore Farm